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Holistic People & Culture Consulting

I help you tackle the skilled worker shortage by optimizing your positioning as the employer of choice.

My approach in employer branding is a holistic one: I believe that every candidate and every employee touchpoint shapes the employee experience and the employer brand in the long run.

That is why my consulting services don’t stop at positioning you ideally in the employer market with respect to your competition.

My aim is to make your organization breathe the values you have claimed for yourself and communicate directly and indirectly in all your people & culture processes what you stand for.

Employer Branding Packages – a possible starting point

Core: Employer Value Proposition

Together, we develop an employer value proposition (EVP) for you to use on your website and job offerings. For that, I conduct interviews with your leaders and hold focus groups to include the employees’ perspective. The resulting EVP is value based.

Core plus: Personnel marketing

After analyzing your competition, we decide on a feasible personnel marketing strategy together. Based on your EVP, we craft job offerings that bring across who it is you want to work with.

Add on: Hiring process

After a thorough analysis of your existing hiring processes, we optimize the procedure and craft standard communication in line with your EVP. We develop interview guidelines perfectly suited for your hiring needs.

Your passionate psychologist

Dr. Julia Ewerdwalbesloh

Passionate Psychologist

I was born in Frankfurt am Main and spent most of my professional career here after stops in Düsseldorf, Munich, Helsinki and Stockholm.

I am holding a diploma in psychology from Philipps-Universität Marburg and a PhD in cognitive neuroscience from LMU Munich. I aquired my MBA degree from Quantic School of Business and Technology.

After spending the early years of my career in HR consulting, I then worked as a Change Agent and HR Consultant in a German medium-sized IT company. Since 2022 I am an independent consultant.

I loves the science of psychology and advocate for a scientific approach in most fields of life. Psychological knowledge is crucial in shaping motivating and beneficial working conditions.

How we work together

Reach out now to discuss the matter at hand and the feasible way forward!


Individual counselling on the phone, online or in person. One session regularly takes one hour.


Project work and workshops, individually or together with your team.


We can work together on an hourly basis or project based.


Individual clients pay per counselling session. The number of sessions depend on the amount of topics that are discussed.


Depending on the actual challenge both hourly rates or package prices may apply. Projects are priced individually.

Don’t hesitate to give me a call to learn more.

Client cases

Developing Company Values

Definition of company values after thorough stakeholder interview with the founder. The values serve as a guidance for employees by making favourable behaviour explicit. Company Values and Philosophy build the foundation of successful employer branding. After defining the values, People & Culture processes such as hiring and performance management were aligned with the company’s values. In that way a coherent employer brand is established and the values are brought to live holistically and authentically.

Workshops on psychological topics

Topics like value orientation, change in perspective and anti-bias are part of the portfolio. The training experience and the learning outcome are optimized for the participants by applying psychological knowlege of learning. The transfer of the learning content to the job context is fostered.

Individual coaching

I am supporting individual clients in finding their purpose and aligning the professional life with personal values. We identify individual competencies and analyze them to optimize the personal job-person-fit.

HR process optimization

Thorough process audit of e.g. onboarding processes. After identifying room for improvement, the existing IT set up is leveraged to optimize employee experience. It is my goal to ensure organizations act efficiently while taking into account the human side of HR.

Client testimonials

Martijn Burgman

CMO & Co-founder Kemb GmbH

We had the pleasure of working with Julia on a wide range of topics, including recruiting, improving onboarding processes, employer branding, and employee development programs. Throughout these projects, Julia has consistently been an outstanding sparring partner, who perfectly brings together her HR expertise and human empathy.

Dr. Henry S.*

Individual coaching

Today, three years after the coaching and with two years experience in the new position, I can summarize that I did not regret my decision a single day. Looking back, the aspects and interests Julia worked out with me really were the crucial ones, so the fit with the -back then potential – new position was super. Julia had a central and important role in the process: She helped me to gain a clear picture of my interests and requirements for my new position and to find a solid basis for my decision.

*name changed

Dr. Björn M.

Individual coaching

The success of the coaching was that I found a new employer that matched my personal values. The employer is acting in an area where I can fully live my strenghts, which makes me very happy at work again. With the help of Julia’s open feedback and understanding questions I had the opportunity to start again in a business area that suits me and my skills very well.

Sarah U.

Individual coaching

The coaching with Julia encouraged me to actively reflect on my true professional interests, where I want to be in the long run, and how I best position myself to lay down the tracks for my career. Julia’s empathetic and friendly manner and her ability to ask the right questions at any given time sustainably inspired me to reflect my needs and ambitions regularly. It is fascinating how much she helped me in a short amount of time to steer my career actively and push it to the next level.



Dr. Julia Ewerdwalbesloh, Dipl.-Psych.

Wirtschaftspsychologische Beratung

Ulrichstr. 74

60433 Frankfurt a.M.

Ust.-IdNr.: DE318628724